What I’m Focusing on in My Recovery: Katelynn (Katie) Thibodeau

I have been in the justice system for six and a half years,  Since first entering the system and struggling to overcome the adversity that comes with being in the system, I have overcome addiction and crime.  

In asking Katelynn what she’s focused on during her recovery, she says; “In my journey of recovery I have focused hard on becoming my best self, no matter what roadblocks stand in my way. One major goal I have for my life is to continue with my education, and eventually work on becoming a child psychologist. In recovery I have taken every opportunity to help others. Another goal of mine is to have a positive impact on individuals’ lives, like so many amazing  people have throughout my many years of hardships; childhood trauma, mental illness, addiction, crime, and recovery. I take pride in helping others. I never want anyone to feel  helpless, and alone as I have so often in the past. Throughout recovery I learned to give back to society for mistakes I have made in the past, by helping others overcome their own hardships. My life passion is to help others, I’ve survived so much in my lifetime, I can honestly say it has made me into the  strong person I am today.”

Katie is a returning citizen. She is passionate about never giving up, setting big goals and sharing her strength with others.  Katie currently lives in Vermont with her fiance who shares her zest for life. Read Katie’s full bio here