UP with Books

UP with Books is a reading and literacy campaign for children with mothers in prison. 


UP with Books purchases, ships, and donates new children’s books to interested prisons, then facilitates a reading day to help incarcerated mothers stay connected and involved with their children on visiting day. The child then takes the book home. UP also leaves high-quality, diverse children’s books for ages 0-18 in the prison visiting room.

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  • We believe literacy is a social and revolutionary action for change.
  • Literacy increases by 46% when children own books.
  • Grades at school improve, which increases self-respect and confidence in children.
  • The highest rate of vocabulary development occurs during pre-school years, and it’s a critical time for skill building.
  • Early education and reading are critical in closing the gap in learning for low-income students. This gap impacts children of incarcerated parents, most of whom are low income.
  • Literacy and education are preventative measures on the road to reducing incarceration.