UP with Books

UP with Books is a reading and literacy campaign for children with mothers in prison. 


UP with Books purchases, ships, and donates new children’s books to interested prisons, then facilitates a reading day to help incarcerated mothers stay connected and involved with their children on visiting day. The child then takes the book home. UP also leaves high-quality, diverse children’s books for ages 0-18 in the prison visiting room.

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  • We believe literacy is a social and revolutionary action for change.
  • Literacy increases by 46% when children own books.
  • Grades at school improve, which increases self-respect and confidence in children.
  • The highest rate of vocabulary development occurs during pre-school years, and it’s a critical time for skill building.
  • Early education and reading are critical in closing the gap in learning for low-income students. This gap impacts children of incarcerated parents, most of whom are low income.
  • Literacy and education are preventative measures on the road to reducing incarceration.

10 thoughts on “UP with Books

  1. Mollie Wetherall

    Admire the work being done and wish to see if there’s any way I can get involved/volunteer. Please contact me if you get the time!

  2. Diana Morimoto

    this is a great project! for my master’s i wrote and published a children’s book for the children ( i work in a a head start) whom i knew who had parents incarcerated. it is a book that explains what happens to parents in jail, told to the main character by his mommy when he goes to visit her. i often find there are questions and answers are hard to get especially in rural communities.

  3. knightgale

    I have been a “justice advocate” for many years, priority focus is on “children” caught up in the “system”, supporting and sponsor severall imprisoned children, tho being a voice for ALL INjustices, thank you for sharing, more people must get involved to help save people from doom!!

  4. Christopher Beall

    Thank you for your story, it inspired me to send a donation and I am sure it will inspire others to do likewise. Good luck with your journey.

  5. philip bechler

    AMAZING! You are making a difference, I read your story on line today, not sure where I found the story but very moving. Blessings to you for making a difference one person at a time.

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