Meet Korey

Meet Korey, a 33 year old with an aversion to submission. Submission to addiction, submission to her mental illnesses (all of them), submission to being homeless and alone, submission to “the man”, and submission to backing down (from literally ANY fight) . It’s true she loves a good fight, but most of the battles she has faced were anything but “good”. So when she finally made it out on the other side of all of these “aversions” she realized that she could not in good conscience allow another to go through any one of these things alone. After years of standing on the sidelines, she decided to take a “hands on” approach to community outreach and avocation. Which is the reason she now volunteers for The UnPrison Project.

More than anything, she wants to change the world and the perceptions people have of those of us with disadvantages such as addiction, homelessness, mental illness and oh yeah, that one mistake you once made a decade ago that makes it impossible to find employment or to be taken seriously by anyone… ever.

Check out her stories, poems, and blogs right here on the UnPrison Project’s web page!