Fight Song: Koren Brand

I take on more than I can accomplish sometimes,
The challenge keeps me sharp in my mind.
I want to help the people I love,
The people I once knew, who struggle with the same things that I once did, the things that I still do.
I preach to loved ones to not give money to those in active addiction,
How important this concept is,
For helping them achieve success,
I’m out of my depth,
And sometimes I cry at night because this fight, this war,
Is too hard and too big for just me to keep score.
But still I try,
I find myself praying at night,
But to who…
It’s not that I don’t believe,
I just don’t really know what I believe.
Confused, and overwhelmed
Sometimes I feel as though I live in another realm.
A secret world just for me,
Where everyone living in it
Is free,
Free from pain, and loss and grief,
Free from the struggles we all see,
I’m not blind or naive,
But can’t everyone be happy and love themselves, just like me?
My words feel hollow,
Like no one can hear me,
But I won’t give up trying to make people see,
To see the world for the mess it is, and for them to want different, for them to want to be happy.
But I am not alone,
Not ever am I alone,
To have people who love me,
Who pick up the phone.
I’m far from perfect,
But always evolving,
And never quiet about what I need.
For I will be
Exactly who I have always been , and who I was meant to be.
Like a caterpillar
Finding it’s wings.
Walk with me,
And find yourself.
No matter your struggle,
You’re never alone.
I’ll be here,
waiting when life gets scary.
And everywhere you turn it’s dark and aimless.
My thoughts are clouded
I must confess,
It’s hard work being a person of influence.
Everyone is watching,
Pointing out flaws,
Listen to my words,
My heart is the song.

Koren (Korey) Brand is a returning citizen. She is passionate about writing poetry and essays as a form of sharing her experience. Korey wants to change the world and one way she is doing that is by volunteering for The UnPrison . Read Korey’s full bio.