Stock Donations

Date: ______________________

As a gift donation for the benefit of the unPrison Project (tax ID# 45-3455691), please accept this letter as my approval to transfer the following security(ies). Please use the unPrison Project’s broker information below to facilitate this transfer.

Brokerage House:                         TD Ameritrade
Account Registration Name:      unPrison Project
Account Number:                          489983804
DTC Number:                                   0188

8014 Olson Memorial Hwy #153
Minneapolis, MN 55427

Financial Advisor: unPrison Project Ameritrade Team Telephone Number: (800) 669-3900

Reference: _____________________________________________ (Donor Name)
(Including your name will ensure the gift is properly acknowledged.)

** Please Note: For mutual fund gifts, or for gifts of stock not held in a brokerage account, please contact the Ameritrade team listed above. **

Name & Type of Securities:______________________ (e.g.: DELL common stock)

Security Symbol:______________________       Number of Shares Transfer: __________________

Date of transfer: ____/_____/______

Donor & Securities Information

Donor Name (Individual, Corporation, Foundation) ______________________________________________

Donor Street Address: ________________________________________________________________________

Donor City / State / Zip: ________________________________________________________________________

Broker Name: ________________________________________________________________________

Broker Company / City / State: __________________________________________________________________

Broker Contact / Telephone Number: __________________________________________________________

Donor Telephone / Email Address: ________________________________________________
(to be used only if a question arises in the donation process):

Donor Signature:   ________________________________________________   Date Signed: ____/_____/______

NOTE: All account owners must sign this request (e.g. an individual account would require one signature; a Joint Tenants in Common account would require two signatures)