Blog: Write UP, Rise UP

The unPrison Project team is excited to launch Write UP, Rise UP, our refreshed blog. Our blog will be a place to share stories about the issues women and girls face in prison and how these are tied to systems of oppression in the US. You’ll hear from currently and formerly incarcerated women as well as first hand accounts from our empowerment training programs. We’ll share impact information, success stories as well as keep you informed on policy matters. This is where we will announce updates to our work including new programs, media spotlights and exciting partnerships.

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Meet Korey

December 5, 2021
Meet Korey, a 33 year old with an aversion to submission. Submission to addiction, submission to her mental illnesses (all of them), submission to being homeless and alone, submission to “the man”, and submission to backing down (from literally ANY fight) . It’s true she loves a good fight, but most of the battles she has faced were anything but “good”.

My Fight Song: Koren (Korey) Brand

December 16, 2021
I take on more than I can accomplish sometimes,
The challenge keeps me sharp in my mind.
I want to help the people I love,
The people I once knew, who struggle with the same things that I once did, the things that I still do.
I preach to loved ones to not give money to those in active addiction,
How important this concept is. . . READ FULL BLOG

New Year, New Skills: Koren (Korey) Brand

January 13, 2022
As a young child, I was diagnosed with various mental illnesses. This was only the beginning of my childhood challenges. I was in second grade, about 7 years old, when I was first put on medication. I remember that day like it was yesterday. Even the first medications I was prescribed; adderall and risperidone. It was set up for me to get my meds in the nurse’s office at school daily. I remember feeling as though I was different from all of the other kids. . . READ FULL BLOG